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8 Tips for moving during the Coronavirus quarantine

8 Tips for moving during the Coronavirus quarantine

1. How to Prepare for your move during quarantine: Provide hand washing and disinfection materials to the movers. If possible, keep hygiene products on hand or at washing stations to make sanitation easily accessible.

2. Use new cardboard boxes: to take extra precaution- only use new cardboard or boxes you already had at home. Instead of using recycled materials because coronavirus lives on surfaces like cardboard for up to 24 hours.

3. Plan your travel: Plan out all aspects of your upcoming trip to your new home. Ahead of moving day check that plans are safe and adjustable if needed. Pro-Tip: check with hotels & airlines about cancellations policies and refundable reservations.

4. Practice safe hygiene: wash your hands often during the move. Try to avoid touching your mouth or face. Additional protection measures include wearing protective such as gloves and mask. 

5. Sanitize household good: to the best of your ability, try and sanitize household goods by sealing them in bags and boxes. Wrap furniture in plastic that can be disposed of upon arrival. Wear gloves when unpacking and wash your hands often. 

6. Practice social distancing: Your movers will be friendly but try and maintain an appropriate distance to follow social distancing protocols (at least 6 feet away) for your protection and theirs. 

7. Be prepared for the movers: When the movers arrive, avoid shaking hands and breaking social distancing protocols. Do your best to ventilate your home by opening doors and windows. This is believed to reduce the risk of infection by decreasing contaminated airborne particles. 

8. Clean up & Disposal: With the current state of quarantine please dispose of materials safely and properly to limit potential points of contamination for others. 

On behalf of our Staff and Management, we thank you for the opportunity and hope that everyone stays safe.