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Making Your Senior Move as Stress-Free as Possible

Our great country is a society on the move. In 2018 alone, over 32 million Americans moved to a new residence. That is 10% of the entire population!

Seniors transitioning to a new residence comprise a small but significant portion of that overall number. A move is a time of both joy and anxiety regardless of family size and situation but moving can create special challenges for older individuals.

Five Ideas for Creating a Stress-Free Senior Move

  1. Start planning well in advance of moving day

    1. A number of factors go into the decision of when and where to move: health, the desire for a change of scenery or type of housing, cost of living, the ability to travel or the desire to be closer to family and acquaintances. The choice of a new home includes ease of access to shopping, medical facilities, transportation, recreation and cultural centers. Research cities and towns of interest near where you will be moving! Also, many local newspapers are now online, and it is worth reading a few days worth of news to get a sense of everyday life in a new hometown.
  2. Declutter, Donate, Recycle, Sell

    1. You’ve already made the decision to move on, now clean out before you pack up! Declutter and donate, sell or recycle what you no longer need, want, or will not fit in your new space. By doing this, your professional moving company from Pack & Load will have less to move, which will ultimately reduce your overall moving expenses.
  3. Self Pack Vs. Help to Pack: Lifting, loading and letting someone else do it

    1. Know your limits and keep your lists handy. Getting hurt while packing is no way to start a new life in your new home! The lists you create will help you remember how many boxes you have and what is packed in each one. Instead of doing all of the heavy lifting yourself, allow yourself the help of a professional moving company like Pack & Load to take care of the heavier, more bulky items.
  4. Get to Know the New Neighborhood First

    1. Before you put all of your money into a new home or condo, try a short term rental, or a vacation to stay near your new residence to do a trial run of the new neighborhood. Stay awhile, walk, shop, eat and meet the people! This is a great way to gain some excitement around your upcoming move and solidify your decision.
  5. The Role of a Professional Mover

    1. As a reliable moving company, Pack & Load is here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be as stress-free as possible. Our network of hard working providers will ensure that you make it to your destination with the easiest move you’ve ever made. Click here to learn more about what sets Pack & Load apart from the rest!