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Pack & Load Services Launches Verified Crew Program to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Largo, FL (August 1, 2020) – Pack and Load Services, a national leader in the moving and storage industry, announced today that it has launched an innovative Verified Crew program.  The program provides high visibility credentials to Pack and Load Services’ network of movers nationwide.  Customers can rest assured that the individual crews are part of the Pack and Load Services team and that they have been verified through several internal processes.

The verified crew program was initially developed from information obtained during a full review of Pack and Load Services’ customer experience.  Data suggested that some individuals, especially elderly and female, commonly became unsettled when meeting with their movers.  Management at Pack and Load Services implemented multiple initiatives to address this issue with each enjoying its own level of success.  The Verified Crew program has proven to be one of the most successful with customers noting additional comfort levels upon reviewing the crew credentials.

Over the past 12 months. Pack and Load Services has focused its efforts on becoming the standard for customer service in the moving and storage industry.  The moving and storage company has increased its Better Business Bureau rating to an “A” and recently achieved a record number of top reviews from its internal customer service survey.

“Our Verified Crew program is very innovative,” said Jed Prescott, Director of Marketing and Analytics at Pack and Load Services. “Making simple changes in our operational procedures has resulted in an exponentially more enjoyable experience for our customers.”

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